I am a qualified postnatal and antenatal fitness instructor (Level 3) and certified paediatric first aider.

I started as a group fitness instructor and way back in 2011....I began to specialise in postnatal exercise after having my own baby.

After a reasonably ok pregnancy, a complicated birth ending in an emergency c-section and a baby girl with reflux who did not sleep, I truly understand what it is like.  

So don't worry if you arrive late, or what you look like, it would just be great to see you.



What other St Albans Mums say ...

Highly recommend Lynn's Mums and Bums and Tums class. I attended after my first baby and loved it. Not only did it get my tummy muscles back to their original state, I met some other lovely mums and babies. Lynn is so lovely too, it's a really friendly class and so nice you can take your baby too. I can't wait to go back after I've had my second baby next April. Lynn was great at giving advice and very passionate at what she does.

Sara, 2017


Mums and Bums and Tums was brilliant for getting me feeling back to myself after pregnancy. A great way to safely exercise as a new mum. Lots of fun, great advice and expertise from Lynn and a friendly atmosphere. It's really informal and a fab way to meet other mums, whilst improving your posture, muscletone and fitness. Can't wait to come back after my second baby next year!

Hannah, 2017


After having my baby, I lost some confidence in what my body used to be able to do. Pre-pregnancy I would do abdominal crunches without a care in the world, but post pregnancy I struggled to even sit up in bed! Lynn assessed by abdominal muscles at thefirst session (I had separation) and advised me on the appropriate exercises to so. She also worked me hard on the other parts of my body! The classes are friendly and energetic, and Lynn goes round to not only check on each mother, but also each baby. I would definitely recommend Lynn's classes as a place to regain/find your fitness after having your baby, meet other mothers and for your babies to meet other babies! Oh yes, and with Lynn's guidance the split in my abs has healed : )))

Jessica, 2018